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If, after reading this indispensable guide, you still don’t feel capable of organising a killer stag, one quick call to them and it’ll all be done for you, leaving you to sit back and lap up the plaudits.

Unless the stag is 16 and you’ve had all the same mates since playschool, deciding who to invite on a stag do is a veritable minefield of awkwardness and offence-causing.

This must all feel very different to my son, perhaps its disturbing him a little. Like looking at it all but not moved by it, sort of accepting of it. Noticeable that both women and men, on our arrival, almost stopped in their tracks. 14P 05 20.00 NS My daughter rings (she's away at the moment). XX NS My father is back in the country after 6 months away. People in a roller coaster climbing, climbing, then zooming down and through water - great, I love it. Slow shoot first, instead of tensing up as I speed up I go into it, feel the thrill in my gut. I love rocking chairs and this is reminding me of being at Janet's when we first took the proving and I sat in her rocking chair and rocked. Husband says, lets see if you still want one when the proving wears off. Feels like a release to be doing the proving - an indulgence. XX NS Somehow it feels like we are in a parallel world and whatever is going on, it is taking over the guys too.

I find this amusing and interesting, realising that my lack of sympathy has been detected. Beautiful gardens with bluebells, wood anemones, etc. Felt challenging towards tutor, mischievous, cheeky (like a teenager). Decided I was going to indulge myself in speed and water and really let go. Feel like a child, asking for a toy for it's birthday.

But, if you’ve never done it before, how can you be expected to know what it takes to organise a good stag do?

I love all the good things in life like nice food, travel and being very naughty if you would like to know how naughty I am th... Its been such a relaxing time that it feels more than an escape from life at home, so feel set up to get on with things again. XX NS Made decision not to go to work, and didn't feel awkward about letting them down which I would normally. Watch a pair of birds feed their young baby –it can hardly fly. XX NS Thoughout the past week, I have been feeling like it's an indulgence to be doing the proving, like I can let myself go. 15P 10 08.00 NS Feel I'm doing things mechanically, no involvement, can't get emotionally involved or mentally - have lost the power of thought and memory. XX NS Feel a bit like one of those heavy-based children's toys which wobble - you can push them down and they'll spring up, wobble, then become still. I was very upset, stunned, but I said, well, mine takes priority. It's not that I'm ecstatic, I just feel good - it doesn't matter if it rains or shines. I sent the assistant to the bus station to check if she was there or not. Don't want to do bloody homeopathy - too restraining, don't want to cook or clean, too boring. Normally can't stand that out of control feeling as I speed down - not so - its great. Really enjoy swimming through the water today - the gliding through, no fear of deep end. XX NS Mother and Father-in-law call round, lunch, laughs, chat, stories. This stands out for me, as I realize I have been feeling brave, especially in my driving and going in search of places, new routes, etc. (My rather blasé‚ approach to everything at the moment.) 14P 07 XX. Keep noticing ducks, love watching them and other birds. I was about to go off to the open day at the clinic where I'm about to start work - I was going to book my first dates in today - and he said that the very first day I'd intended to work clashes with something he wants to do. were upset with me because they thought I don't care about my mother. She says you sound so laid back and casual making jokes all the time. It's a shame that I've got to do anything really - I don't want to, I want to just be and enjoy. What will he make of my laid back attitude - I think he won't like it, he'll want me to pay him serious attention - sod it - he'll have to want! Next the fast shoot, actually enjoy the stirring in my stomach of anticipation as I climb steps. Sister says, yes, let's see if you seriously want one or are you just 'playing'. - we are having such a laugh - we are full on and it's fun. XX NS I am on the sofa having a giggle fit, it is silly. 17P 10 01.00 NS Took my mum to the airport in the morning, beside all my stuff we had a lovely week together (including holding your daughter's head in the right position over the loo, and watch the shivering wrack! We didn't argue - I felt more sympathetic towards her than ever - more relaxed, not so tense, - good. John asks: "I heard Alexi Sale say "Trout and Toolbox" on an episode of "The Young Ones", but for the life of me I can't figure out the ryhme, nor can I find it on line in any Cockney Slang dictionary. Ron writes that his mate is learning to sing "My Old Man", but in the second verse is the line "But I soon got over that, What with two-out and a chat".And what exactly is a two-out he would like to know???People have been sending me a lot of questions about the origin of certain phrases.