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The game starts and then, at the menu screen, it just pops up this error Protection Error: Failed to initialize protection system. MAke sure the key is inserted properly and restart the application. I've tryed to unistall it and reinstall with a new key, but it had no effect.

The problem seems somewhat common but there are no explicit solutions. The fact is that a lot of ppl seems to have found the solution to the problem, but noone ever wrote it =(.

And so, I give you the tale of woe that is the Company of Heroes customer experience.

USING THE GAME In order to play online, or to EVEN START THE GAME you must have the game updated to the latest release at all time.

Normally I’m quite a calm relaxed user, able to handle even the toughest problems dished out by computer software without losing my cool…

Unfortunately this weekend has driven me to a new level of annoyance thanks to the joys of a WW2 strategy game called “Company of Heroes” developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ.

Some major features are: Corpses of the fallen will now permanently stay, population caps have been increased, and new units.

Maybe it's because the old key stood in the registry ..

Company of Heroes Online is shutting down on March 31, but that hasn't stopped the developers from releasing two new maps for the game.

The second map is an eight player reworking of one of Company of Heroes' most insane maps, Hill 331, in which all players are funnelled towards a key victory point on the top of a heavily fortified mound of earth and barbed wire.

Validation requirements have also been lowered for all of the rewards in Company of Heroes Online, meaning that experience and gear are easier to come by.