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After his honorable discharge from the military, Mike went on to serve as a Deputy Sheriff for Sonoma County where he excelled in criminal containment at the county jail.
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Only among the nobility would you typically find marriages between much younger parties.

Particularly amongthe nobility, but even down through the middle and lower classes, marriages were arranged between families for mutual enrichment, to stabilize a family line, or by common acceptance that “of course these two families’ children will marry.” It was a situation that proved particularly challenging for women, as women were considered just slightly more important than cattle during this era (a mild exaggeration, but still).

The man generally asked a woman's father for permission to court his daughter, that implied that the man was seriously and openly desiring the responsibility of marriage.For example, the act of a betrothal was typically sealed with a kiss.A betrothal ring was not always exchanged, but the custom did gain popularity in Elizabethan times.The chief difference between then and today, is that back then the woman possessed very little right in choosing her husband.The matrimony was arranged by families of the bride and the groom in order for the two sides to benefit from one another.In saying "yes" to a courtship proposal, the father was granting the man permission to visit his daughter, give her gifts, accompany her to formal to social events, etc.