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Franco dating ahna

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Ahna is starring in not one but two movies being presented at the cinematic celebration.

She acts alongside James in his latest passion project, As I Lay Dying, and is also in town for the premiere of Fruitvale Station, which was one of the most talked-about films at Sundance earlier this year.

The event, thrown by James and The Art of Elysium, honored the actress's impressive debut at the film festival.

At one point they mentioned to me that they wanted me to be Dewey Dell, but this was two years before it actually got made.

I just didn’t want to hope to get the role and have it not happen, so I just forgot about it.

James Franco has split from his long-term girlfriend.

The '127 Hours' actor has confirmed his five-year romance with Ahna O'Reilly has ended because he is so busy with his other education commitments, although he did not reveal when they ended their relationship.