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In our earlier article about the unsuccessful marriage life of Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is as we discussed earlier too, a wonderful and talented woman who works as a co-anchor on the popular the five show alongside Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Juan Williams, Andrea Tantaros, and Bob Beckel.

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Boas went on to point out that, at the time of publication, many Americans had begun to discuss the problems faced by young people (particularly women) as they pass through adolescence as "unavoidable periods of adjustment".

The marks in general are spirals drawn with great nicety and even elegance. The marks on the body resemble foliage in old chased ornaments, convolutions of filigree work, but in these they have such a luxury of forms that of a hundred which at first appeared exactly the same no two were formed alike on close examination.

Although Mead's work has been very influential some of her most significant claims about Samoan culture have been criticized and contradicted by subsequent research.

Coming of Age in Samoa is a book by American anthropologist Margaret Mead based upon her research and study of youth – primarily adolescent girls – on the island of Ta'u in the Samoan Islands.

Men generally received moko on their faces, buttocks ( specialists, although King records a number of women during the early 20th century who also took up the practice.

There is also a remarkable account of a woman prisoner-of-war in the 1830s who was seen putting moko on the entire back of the wife of a chief.

constituted an important milestone between childhood and adulthood, and was accompanied by many rites and rituals.

Apart from signalling status and rank, another reason for the practice in traditional times was to make a person more attractive to the opposite sex.