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Most people in chat rooms are adults and who more than occasionally talk about adult subjects -- things children should learn from parents, not strangers in a chatroom. We have seen way too many children give just enough information about themselves to where it took only a matter of seconds to get their home addresses and phone numbers. Also, and to some parents disbelief, over the years we have had the unfortunate opportunities to assist in having over a dozen unwise testosterone filled young adults hauled off in handcuffs by various state and federal law enforcement agencies for committing serious illegal acts online.
Download: Ticket to Ride fr Android (5,12 Euro) Download: Ticket to Ride Pocket frs i Phone (1,79 Euro) Download: Ticket to Ride frs i Pad (5,99 Euro) Mit zwei oder vier menschlichen oder KI-Mitspielern geht es in diesem sehr einfachen Spiel darum, Punkte zu ergattern.