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Microcode updating

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Before you install the microcode, it is important to determine the microcode level of the Adapter installed in the target system.

Use the following instructions to read the ROM level stored in the Adapter's VPD.

December, 2012 - March, 2013 html - pdf Introduction All modern CPU vendors have a history of design and implementation defects, ranging from relatively benign stability issues to potential security vulnerabilities.

The latest CPU errata release for second generation Intel Core processors describes a total of 120 "erratums", or hardware bugs.

The current microcode level for the device # is ...

Please run diagnostics on the adapter to ensure that it is functioning properly." 9) If you selected more than one adapter to update, then steps 6-9 will repeat until all adapters are updated. After booting to Standalone Diagnostics, the Diagnostic's CD can be removed.

Intel has published the method by which an operating system or a motherboard BIOS may update the microcode (it must be done after each hard reset; the update is kept in volatile RAM) but the microcode are undocumented.

What Intel does is, they stick all microcode updates for all processors in a single file.

3) Select "Download Microcode" or "Microcode Tasks then select Download Microcode" from the menu. It will state that the current microcode level on the adapter could not be found on the selected source.

microcode_ctl provides utility code and the microcode data itself -- supplied by Intel -- to assist the kernel in updating the CPU microcode at system boot time.

This microcode supports all current Intel x86- and Intel 64-based CPU models and takes advantage of the mechanism built-in to Linux that allows microcode to be updated after system boot.

When loaded, the updated microcode corrects the behavior of various Intel processors, as described in processor specification updates issued by Intel for those processors.

All users running systems based on Intel processors are encouraged to install this update, which adds the most up-to-date microcode data from Intel to /etc/firmware as required.