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Mongolian dating customs

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Women’s domination of the service industries goes back centuries...Mongolia’s nomadic culture, hot summers and cold winters created equality between men and women millennia ago.Mongolia is not particularly religious, conservative or liberal, but it is uniquely Mongolian.

In fact, the race of the Asian peoples is known as "mongoloid." Throughout the world there is a birth mark famous as the "Mongolian spot." It is a blue birthmark on the buttock, and it shows up right after a child is born.While women maintained Mongolia’s entire subsistence economy, the men focused on hunting, fighting and building an empire.In Mongolia, women’s dominance of the economy and religious structures gave them power Europeans only dreamed of.The Mongolian diet, especially in the countryside, is very high on meat and milk.This may be a shock to many western diets, which typically contain more grains, vegetables and processed foods.A large portion of Siberia was once part of Mongolia but is now securely controlled by Russia, and Inner Mongolia is now firmly a part of China.