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The Style of the prototype cell is set to Subtitle.Main View Controller.swift is where the action is happening.The full source code for the demo app can be found at Git Hub.If we look at the data model file for this app, we see that the status), the section identifier must be updated. This is because the cache does not work when the NSFetched Results Controller is used from any thread but the main thread due to a bug in Core Data. The cache is only used to cache information related to building sections, now that you are not blocking the UI this is a lot less useful. Slow and synchronous access to the fetched results controller may have been hiding bugs that will now become obvious.As reddit user indirectly pointed out, it is worth repeating that you should be following the rules of queue confinement when accessing managed objects or a managed object context.

With all of the Core Data work being done on the private queue, fetching and IO can not block your user interface. In a future post we will look at implementing this in a real application.checks the number again, and it compares its value against the value obtained earlier.If the "before" value was obtained before the update cycle (which is usually what happens), everything is fine.come when we use it to automatically update a table view when objects are added, updated, or removed from a Core Data data store. With a Core Data data store seeded with data, the next logical step is to will help us accomplish two things: 1) It will fetch data from the Core Data data store 2) It will use some of the data we fetch to populate various pieces of the UI (table view section headers, cell “title” and “subtitle” text.Here’s what we’re going for: I’m continuing my “Zootastic” example that I used to write about using Swift to seed a Core Data database.The Storyboard contains one view controller with a table view filling the Scene.