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Almost all of them were recovered from significant archaeological sites, such as Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon), Huaca del Sol (Temple of the Sun), and Sipán, as well as from Moche burial sites scattered across the northern coast of Peru.

Of the thousands of ceramic vessels that have been recovered, at least 500 of them display sexually explicit imagery, typically rendered as free-standing three-dimensional figures on top, or as part of, the vessel.

Craig Mauro ASSOCIATED PRESS LIMA, Peru It's small and smelly, and it looks like a radish.

But many Peruvians consider it the combined answer to ginseng and Viagra.

Maca, a frost-resistant root that grows in the frigid Andean highlands, has been used in this South American country for centuries to boost stamina and sex drive.

They built huge pyramids made of millions of mud bricks and created an extensive network of aqueducts.

It is also touted as a tonic for a host of other health problems, including post-menopause syndrome and stress. Nutritionists say the root packs a powerful dose of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, particularly magnesium and phosphorous. Alberto Tejada, a urologist at the Fertility Institute in Lima. Tejada and many Peruvian doctors recommend maca to patients anyway.

But no major independent studies have been published about its effects. "What we do know is that it is energizing, that it increases sexual stimulus, that it improves the disposition toward sexual activity and improves mood," he says.

While much attention has been paid to the murals that display scenes of everyday life, as well as elaborate sacrificial rituals, relatively few scholarly studies have investigated the subset of Moche ceramics that portray deities, skeletons, humans, and animals, engaged in a wide variety of sexual acts.

However, they may in fact represent the most detailed account of sexual customs ever left by ancient people.