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Validating email address in asp net

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If it retrieves the recipient’s local SMTP server successfully, Smtp Client will try to connect to this server.Smtp Client then performs “RCPT TO” command to test if this SMTP server accepts this email address.We can validate email address at client side and server side.To validate email address on client side, we can use java script with regular expression.Anyway the code for this is here: Note the single quote marks around the Validation Expression property value?That is because the regular expression itself contains double-quote marks, which break the ASP. A few people have arrived at this page looking to ensure that a value is always entered - e.g. If you need this logic as well, simply add a Required Field Validator alongside the Regular Expression Validator.Java script can check the regular expression pattern for valid email address.We have different regular expression patterns for validating email address.

With just 2 lines of code, you can check the syntax, domain, and username of any email address.

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The following c# example codes demonstrate how to test email address without specified SMTP server.

Please always pass null (Nothing in Visual Basic) to Smtp Server paramter except you want to test whether an email address will be accepted by a specified SMTP server.

Before you can use the following codes, please download EASend Mail SMTP Component and install it on your machine at first.