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Validating integer with regularexpressionvalidator

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Validation server controls are a series of controls that help you validate the data that the user enters into the other controls that are provided with ASP. They determine whether the form can be processed based upon the rules that you define in the validation server controls.

One of the most common elements of Web pages is a form in which the user can input data that is posted back to the server.

NET, you might have been introduced to a number of different types of controls, whether HTML server controls or Web server controls.

This paper focuses on a series of controls that stand out from the rest—.

Possible problem with the Compare Validator checking for a data type of Integer: It seems to just check for the correct digits (0-9), but it doesn't check the range.

So using this validator, you could still get out-of-range exceptions if the value entered by the user is too large or too small. There are several different ways you can handle this.

The validation control classes are inherited from the Base Validator class hence they inherit its properties and methods.

Therefore, it would help to take a look at the properties and the methods of this base class, which are common for all the validation controls: The Regular Expression Validator allows validating the input text by matching against a pattern of a regular expression.

Link to the Custom Field Validator: to MSDN Article on ASP. Visual Studio has got now integrated support for range checking and type checking :- Try this :- For RANGE CHECKING Before validating/checking for a particular range of numbers Switch on to design view from markup view .

Those predefined range values are Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Type.

There are 5 types that you can define, which will be Currency, Date, Double, Integer, and String.

The following two mutually inclusive properties list out the error message: Complex pages have different groups of information provided in different panels.

In such situation, a need might arise for performing validation separately for separate group.