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It was a fun show, and all three guys were witty, funny and articulate. However, the Paragon of Virtue was definitely the most vocal. ~~~Chris Jericho, as well as Billy Kidman and the Disco Inferno, appeared on The Dating Game a few months back. I couldnt help wishing ID been the girl on the show.The show aired on November 10, 1998, the day after Chris 28th birthday, ironically enough. ~~~ Bachelor #3 (Jericho): Let me get in the voice here . ;) But of course, if I had been, I would have known who each of the bachelors was before they came out from behind that wall from their voices. That takes a lot for WWE to do that with someone who is an older performer in the business and was brought back mostly to help other talent get over.To be fair, he is doing just that with Kevin Owens, as he is currently working with him as his “best friend.” Due to the fact that Kevin Owens is the current WWE Universal Champion and a current generation star, it makes total sense for Chris Jericho to help him out considering the need to balance what the WWE wants from Jericho and what he is best at doing.Chris Jericho has once again reinvented himself as a character with the WWE, and possibly the best thing he is doing right now has to be the wonderful “List of Jericho.” Jericho is known for reinventing himself over the years.Each time he comes back, he always tries something new, so the current version of his character is fresh and fits in with the times.

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Using the word “IT” and the List of Jericho has gotten him a lot of love lately by WWE fans, which means WWE has taken notice.

They can hear the cheers that Jericho is getting and it seems now more than ever is the perfect time to consider a babyface turn for Chris Jericho.

It is interesting that Jericho has stood by Owens mostly during that time.

However, the two did share a bond months back when they teamed with each other on before the brand split took place.