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Nova Scotia's gotten less crowded in the last year, and that's not a good thing.Last month, the 2013 population estimates were released by Statistics Canada. Factoring in movement within the country, all provinces and territories added residents except the Northwest Territories (-83 people), Newfoundland (-139) and New Brunswick (-947). That's four-and-a-half times as many people lost as the second-worst province. Every five-year bracket up to the age of 50-54 in Nova Scotia lost people. This is in part due to our population aging, but young and mobile people are also leaving this province.Alas, people sometimes–no, always–lie like a flea-market rug.A guy with flowing locks of blonde hair generally turns to have them coming out of his nose and ears.Given we know youth (under 35) are more likely to move around, and want to locate in an urban centre---that means a bold Halifax.

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The excellent voice over really does add substantially to the experience (something I would not have suspected before playing), and the gameplay is solid – that last part being essential. The "conversations" hold up alright as a sort of quiz game, and they help set the pacing for the game as a whole as well as let you get to know the characters you’re pursuing.We try to pass on these companies in less than 60 seconds.If you assume that you are one of the 1,000 or so companies a year we see that fit within our themes, we quickly narrow it down to about 100 companies that we spend real time on based on one of three reasons. You’ll rarely get past interacting with one of the four of us if one of these three is the case.Most VCs aren’t willing to do this as they either don’t want to deal with it, don’t have the emotional constitution for it (it’s hard to say no constantly throughout the day, every day), or don’t recognize that’s the actual reason they are passing.At Foundry Group, our most common reason for passing is that what you are working on doesn’t fit within our themes.Movement between provinces was negative for most, while Alberta added over 50,000 Canadians from other provinces in ONE YEAR ALONE. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland were the two provinces/territories in Canada to have more deaths than births last year.